Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why do I need RAMs App?

RAMs App is your way of streamlining health and Safety within your company – It allows you to save time, resource and stress when your require Risk Assessments, Method statements and COSHH assessments.

So, how can a programme complete risk assessments for me?

Within the programme there are over 300 ready-made risk assessments for hazards that could be within your area of work, or that are unique to activities that you undertake – You can select, review and edit along with creating your own. If some of the controls are not applicable, simply remove or edit the text. Again, if you identify something that isn’t covered, you can very easily create your own risk assessment within the programme and it will be added to your document.

How can a safety programme tell me how to do my job?

No programme can give you a definitive way to complete a task. We have worked with various companies within several industries to create over 400 individual tasks and a sequence of works to accommodate each task. As with risk assessments, the data is fully editable – you can even de-select, add specific task steps should you feel the need to or re-arrange the position of each sentence using our drag and drop option.

How easy is it to complete a COSHH assessment?

It couldn’t be easier than using RAMS app! You can either select from one of the pre-created COSHH assessments from the RAMs App substance register and add specific details regarding how you plan on using the substance and the quantities, or you create your own COSHH assessment using the intuitive and easy to follow process that we have developed. If you’re not confident, you could always drop us a line and we will complete the assessment on your behalf.

What if I only want to create 1 document?

We offer a range of packages to suit businesses of all sizes. If you only want to complete 1 RAMS document, simply purchase the cheapest option we have and then cancel your subscription – It really is that easy. We’re quite confident that once you’ve used our documents and provided them to a client, you will retain your subscription though.

What are my legal requirements as an employer?

OK, if you are an employer with 5 or more employees you have a legal requirement to record the significant findings of a risk assessment – The risk assessment also needs to be ‘Suitable and Sufficient’. If you have less than 5 employees, the requirement to complete a risk assessment still exists, you just don’t have to document it. (The Principal Contractor or Client that you’re working for may still expect to see a copy though). In addition to this, there is also a duty on you (As an employer) under the Health and Safety at work act to Provide a Safe System of Work.

How does the app work?

It’s no different to any other app you have on your phone at present. An internet connection (Ideally 3g as a minimum) is required to connect to the app.

Should I use the app in my office, or on site?

Both! You can create your document on site, or part complete on site by entering the project details, select the hazards associated with the task and the environment and then save the project file. You can then complete the risk assessment process in an alternative location if you wish.

What happens with the final document?

The completed document can be downloaded and saved on your computer/laptop etc. or emailed directly to your client straight from the system using our internal email programme. All of your completed documents are stored locally for access at any time.