Understanding the difference between a Single User and our Enterprise Plan

Single User

Enterprise Plan

Only 1 User Multiple Users based on the number of licenses required
Cannot share documents with other Users Ability to create company documents with shared access for all company users
Restrictions on number of documents that can be created (Depending on subscription package) Unlimited document creation
Restrictions on the available modules available for the User (Depending on subscription package) Use of all modules within RAMs App
User can add hazards and hazard groups Ability to add company specific hazard groups, hazards, activities and method statement groups etc. through the company admin panel, which gives full control content available on your account.
Users can only de-select content which is not applicable to the company on each new set of RAMs Ability to remove content which is definitely not be applicable to the company, so it will never appear when creating documents
Ability to email and download document Ability to electronically sign documents as well as email and download
No revision history function Revision History to see who has edited RAMs documents and when
No Admin Panel Company Admin panel shows information on documents created, log in history etc. (Only able to have 1 company Admin)
How to guides for Users How to guides for Company Admin and Users